Simple security solutions for your business premises

Casini Systems Ltd is a UK based security system integrator specialising in the supply, installation and maintenance of access control, logical access, CCTV and smart card based solutions.

Simple security solutions for your business premises

Who are Casini Systems?

Established in 1998 we have developed a loyal and growing customer base. Our level of clients not only reflects the high standards that we are expected to achieve but highlights our dedication to providing a cost effective, reliable solution tailored to meet our clients demanding requirements...

Logical Access

ACCESS Control


Alarm Monitoring

Perimeter Protection

Who are Casini Systems?

How do we do it?


A key part of our success is communication. We establish a single point of contact and we provide an end to end solution from all stages including, consultation, system design, and implementation.

The consultation process ensures that we fully understand the issues that apply such as theft, protection, multiple sites and existing systems. However it is also imperative that we recognise the various stakeholders such as Facilities, HR, Finance and IT.

In this way we can find a solution that not only works as a system, but which also operates seamlessly for the people that it is designed to protect.

We recognise that efficient delivery of the system is key to a successful project but are also aware that support and service are the areas on which most companies are measured.

Door entry systems and access control systems across the UK

Casini Systems LTD are able to integrate all of our products into a single common user interface. This enables our customers to see who is going where and who is doing what within their premises in one easy to use system.

Access Control

Our access control systems enable companies to check authorisation, allowing only authorised people access to designated areas. This is essential in stopping walk-in theft and enhancing office security.

Our sytems can easily be used to provide reports on a 'who goes where' basis. Our access control systems replace the age old lock and key solution, bringing security into the 21st Century. Keys can always be lost or copied - Casini Systems can provide the perfect solution to this.

CCTV & Alarms

CCTV and Alarms are a vital part of any business' security. Casini Systems can provide fully integrated and monitored alarms.

Along with the knowledge gained via our access control systems, CCTV can provide extra essential information including mugshots and views of multiple areas all integrated into one system.

Alarms allow for the monitoring of fire and emergency doors, ensuring they stay shut when you need them to.

Logical Access

Casini Systems provides bespoke logical access systems designed specifically for your information security needs, enabling you to manage secure access to computer networks, PCs and intellectual property.

Our logical access systems provide a secure logon for our customers' computers. The systems require an identification card to gain access to sensitive files and anything that requires protection on any PC or laptop.

Multi Purpose Cards

All of these systems can be brought together using one card. Cards, unique to individual members of staff within your organisation, can be used in a vast number of ways to optimise the efficiency and security of your business.

These include:

  • Door Access
  • Time & Attendance
  • Authentication
  • Cashless Vending
  • E-Cash
  • Email Security
Multi purpose identification cards streamline and centralise your security, HR and finance departments.

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Our Clients

In addition to the following, Casini Systems' prestigeous client list includes UK government departments and Police forces.

Casini Systems are proud to support sports at both the local and international level

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